Physical Therapy

I was literally counting the hours until I got to see my PT.  I honestly could not wait to see her!  My whole entire right side was a hot mess…From my neck to my calf.

I was her first appointment on Wednesday morning…she had my hot packs set up before I even got there!  She started by needling my R trap and then my left trap.  My neck was caught and I didn’t have complete ROM so she worked on that next.  After that we moved to my hip issues.  She needled my glut, adductor, IT, etc (I lost track of where all she needled)!  She also needled my calf which didn’t twitch.  Typically I get significant twitches from my calves.  There were significant trigger points, but they were from referral pain….so they responded differently!  She then worked on my back which was way out of wack!  It took a few different techniques for her to fix it!

I completed a few table exercises, but we kept it very minimal.  I then got packed in ice and headed back to work!  We’ve gone down to one visit a week to try to save my visits in case of worst case scenario… I don’t see her again until next Wednesday 😦

Injection is tomorrow!


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