My day in Columbus

This has been a hard week.  I have spent a lot of time on the phone with the doctors office and insurance company.  We had all of my appointments set up for today.  I was supposed to spend the entire day in Columbus with my CT at 9:30am, MRA at 12:30pm, and appointment with surgeon at 4:30pm.  I found out Tuesday that my insurance company would not cover the MRA at the location I was scheduled.  I lost it….this was the last straw in my hip drama….I am so over it all and want it to be over.  I didn’t need another hurdle to jump over.  I ended up shutting my door in my office and crying!

I was able to pull some strings and get an MRA scheduled last minute yesterday at the hospital I work at!  I had my CT this morning and then had the rest of the day to figure out what to do….I had 7 hours to kill.  I ran around to many different stores today.

The day seemed to drag on forever….I just wanted to see Dr. Ellis and get some answers.  Dr. Ellis was running late, but Dave (his PT) came in to see me and talk through my symptoms and move my leg around.  I wasn’t on his schedule, but he heard me and wanted to check in.  He felt like my symptoms were coming from the joint, but he was interested to hear what Dr. Ellis thought.  I was Dr. Ellis’ last patient of the day.  He opened my door and had me come out to see my images.  We looked at my MRI and CT images and then we went back into my exam room so he could move my leg around.  After he moved my leg around we went back out to look at the images again.  He came to the conclusion that he thinks my capsule is torn and potentially my labrum too.  He also wants to resect my AIIS some more too.  So, basically he wants to re-scope my hip.

This will be my 4th time off work, so I have too be responsible and wait until the October due to some responsibilities at work.


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