Over it all

The last week has been incredibly difficult.  It started mid-week when I had to run all over the hospital to do audits on my staff.  It ended up rolling over into two days of audits and lots of lots of steps.  On Friday we had 4 call-offs….I ended up being in the kitchen running around working numerous positions throughout the day.  I barely made it to my car.

Saturday I had to go with my mom to help watch my nephews while my sister/brother-in-law went to a viewing/funeral.  The boys were wild and I was in a significant amount of pain.  I ended up napping while the 2.5 year old napped and my mom watched the 5 year old.

Sunday I did nothing, except go to the grocery and do some meal prep for the week.  I ended up having to take multiple breaks throughout the day to rest.

I had warned my PT that I was an absolute MESS.  By Wednesday I was slightly better, BUT I was still pretty messed up!  My quad was super grumpy!  My PT dry needled and I had reactions like I never had.  Long twitches and burning from the needles.  My swelling had moved from just a ring around my thigh with a lateral pocket to all the way down my thigh and around to my back.  We continued to cupping to try and work it all out.  This all caused me to feel pretty sick….nauseous and blah!

I ended up emailing my surgeon and surgeon’s PT because I was/am in panic mode.  I am really afraid I will be back on crutches in the next few days to weeks.  His PT had many similar recommendations to what I’ve already done (including the brace) and crutches prn.  I don’t know if I’m going to make it 5 more weeks!  My hip is a MESS!!!  I am so over this and ready to be done talking about my hips!



<7 weeks until surgery

I really think that I need to start a support group for hip recovery.  My PT and I joke about this every time I’m at PT.  I end up talking to at least one fellow patient every visit about something hip related.

I also got an email from a good friend this week asking if she could give my email address to one of her friends who has similar symptoms to me.  I’ve had a long road and sometimes forget how much I’ve learned and know!  Of course I said yes and we have been corresponding via email.  Although my journey has been long, at least my original diagnosis was pretty fast considering the average time it takes to typically get diagnosed.  Per a research article from the Orthopedic Journal of Sports Medicine, on average a patient sees 4 practitioners prior to diagnosis.

Luckily, it’s getting more common, but still many have never heard about it.  This is why I am seriously considering starting a support group…..what else do I have to do?!

Hip Brace

Right Hip Revision….54 days

My hip continues to catch regularly and has almost taken me to my knees a few times.  I’ve seen a hip brace posted on many of the FB hip groups and I have been skeptical.  I decided it couldn’t hurt.  I overnighted it from Amazon.  I will admit it is kinda annoying under some of my pants, but I can not wear those for the next 2 months!

The brace stats it helps with labral tears, hip instability, and many other hip issues.  I recommend it if you are at your last straw!!!



Today marks 60 days until surgery.  I honestly am not sure I’m going to make it 2 months!  My hip is getting worse by the day and  I am having at least one (if not 2-3) episode of instability during abduction or pivoting.

I was at my breaking point at PT this morning.  We think that my body is revolting because it has been in constant pain for 2+ years.  Everything hurts and is tight.  At PT I always start with 2 hot packs- one on my neck and one on my back.  My PT typically starts with my neck and works her way down.  Today my neck/shoulders were super tight so she starting working on it.  She tried everything…manual therapy, needling, and CUPPING.  Cupping is a new therapy to me….I think I was the first patient she tried it on.  Since needling wasn’t working….she tried one cup on each shoulder.  I do think it helped.

As she worked her way down she decided to try cupping my my back too.  She started on one hip and continued adding cups until she was on the other hip.  I think it was a total of 6 cups.  She only left them on 2-3 minutes.  Cupping wasn’t painful, I’d classify it as uncomfortable…nothing too terrible.  I would do it again if it works.

Basically….at this point, I’m open to anything that will help me get through the next 60 days!