Today marks 60 days until surgery.  I honestly am not sure I’m going to make it 2 months!  My hip is getting worse by the day and  I am having at least one (if not 2-3) episode of instability during abduction or pivoting.

I was at my breaking point at PT this morning.  We think that my body is revolting because it has been in constant pain for 2+ years.  Everything hurts and is tight.  At PT I always start with 2 hot packs- one on my neck and one on my back.  My PT typically starts with my neck and works her way down.  Today my neck/shoulders were super tight so she starting working on it.  She tried everything…manual therapy, needling, and CUPPING.  Cupping is a new therapy to me….I think I was the first patient she tried it on.  Since needling wasn’t working….she tried one cup on each shoulder.  I do think it helped.

As she worked her way down she decided to try cupping my my back too.  She started on one hip and continued adding cups until she was on the other hip.  I think it was a total of 6 cups.  She only left them on 2-3 minutes.  Cupping wasn’t painful, I’d classify it as uncomfortable…nothing too terrible.  I would do it again if it works.

Basically….at this point, I’m open to anything that will help me get through the next 60 days!


A few more days off…

I decided to go ahead and take Thursday and Friday off. It would give me until Monday to get stronger rather than need to weekend to recover from working for a few days.  Thursday night I gave in a texted my lovely PT to see if I could ‘bribe’ her into seeing me on Friday to work on my neck (and by bribe I mean I would bring her allergen free baked goods and coffee…just because I love her).  She texted me back at 5:50am on Friday and said she would fit me in at 11am.  I was so very thankful!  I was already awake when she texted me, so I got up and made coffee and started reading a book on my Kindle.  Around 9am I started the Almond Butter/Jam bars that I told my PT i’d bring her.

My PT is fantastic.  She spent an hour working on me.  She said I was a mess….she told me that my shoulders had huge knots in them.  Next she needled my shoulders to try and start breaking down the knots.  She continued to work to figure out what was causing my numbness down my left arm/hand.  We determined that most of my issues were coming from a rib that had shifted out of place.  She worked for awhile to get it back.  Then she had her husband come over to make sure she didn’t miss anything!  I was very thankful that she was able to get me in today….I am very blessed 🙂  The rest of my Friday was low key.  I did run a few errands to get one last ball of yarn to finish a blanket I started 2 surgeries ago and some groceries for meals for next week!

Saturday I met my mom for lunch and ran a few errands.  We went to Piada to get salads!  They are so tasty.  My mom was on the hunt for another HydroFlask bottle and a French Press.  I didn’t ‘need’ anything, but was contemplating running down to Jungle Jim’s (largest International Market-  I was in search of a locally roasted coffee and the company had posted on FB that Jungle Jim’s was carrying it now.  While at lunch my sister texted my mom and I to see if we wanted to get dinner.  Since JJ’s is in Cincinnati (an hour drive) and my sister lives down that way…we decided that we’d meet her for dinner and we’d head to JJ’s.  We made few stops on our way down.  We stopped at Dick’s to look for a HydroFlask, then HomeGoods for a French Press.  Next was JJ’s.  JJ’s is over 200,000 square feet of awesomeness.  I can spend hours in there, but I was already tired and sore.  I was on one mission….Rooted Grounds Caramel Cream coffee.  JJ’s has 3 different places that they have coffee stocked (the normal grocery area, the international section, and the organic section).  We wandered around and grabbed a few other items while attempting to find the coffee.  I was ready to give up because I was super tired/sore, but my mom knew I really wanted it.  She went to customer service with my phone (and FB post) to ask.  They sent us back to an area I had already checked.  My mom (being wonderful) said she go ask someone else.  She went back to customer service and asked again…the lady called around and finally found out they had a display over by wine and cheese (RANDOM)!  That was the ONLY area that we didn’t walk.  We found it and I got 4 bags of coffee :)!  When we left, I had to take something for the pain!  We still had an hour until my sister was meeting us for lunch, so we decided to wander around Target.  We met my sister and nephews for dinner.  It is always good to see them.  I love those boys so much!  By the time I got home I was EXHAUSTED!  Daylight savings time started, so we lost an hour, but that didn’t matter!  I slept like a rock.

Sunday I woke up and made some of my newly found coffee!  OMG!!  So tasty!  I plan on a very low key day.  I am currently sitting in my ice machine.  I don’t plan on leaving the house.  I have a few items to make to prepare for this week at work, but the rest of the day will be lazy….recliner, ice, tv!

Back to work tomorrow.