Surgeons appointments…

I saw both Dr. Ellis and Dr. Leff today.  My goal for today was to figure out how we are going to progress with therapy with my 10 week post op hip revision and my 2 week post op inguinal/sports hernia.

First appointment was with Dr. Ellis.  Dr. Ellis was at the front desk when his nurse was taking me back to my room.  As we walked past him I said hello and kept walking with his nurse, but he stopped me to ask if Dr. Leff found a hernia….his nurse jokingly said she’s your next patient if you’d like to come to her room.  We all laughed and he came to my room.  He came in and we discussed what Dr. Leff found and he read the surgical report.  My biggest question for him was rehab.  He watched me walk and said I’m restricting my extension (due to post op pain). He went and grabbed Dave (his PT) and we discussed what my rehab should look like.  I asked about treadmill…..definite no go!  In his opinion I can start the elliptical at any point (slowly…starting with 5 minutes with gradual increases).  Then for dad I asked about sailing…he is fine with me sailing this summer.  We discussed me returning to work in a week.  He said to take it slow and easy.  He wants me to see Dave and Tiffany in 4 weeks to re-evaluate where we are with therapy and how we can progress.  (I know I’ve said it before, but I LOVE Dr. Ellis)

I then headed over to Riverside to see Dr. Leff.  He was fitting me in between surgeries so I didn’t have to drive up again.  He came in and checked my abdomen and had me turn my head and cough.  He was very happy with my progress.  I asked about the pains I’m having.  I still have the pressure/fullness and he thinks it’s related to my adductor compensation and will take time.  All my other pains and sensations he said he isn’t concerned about and will improve with time and rehab.  I wasn’t able to ask all of my questions and I’m still confused by what he wants me to do in regards to rehab (he mentioned a specific Sports Hernia Protocol that I tried to find googling, but couldn’t so I’ll call the office tomorrow for clarification).  In regards to sailing…he said I could, but my core is very weak and hiking out could be a challenge.  He doesn’t need to see me again unless I need him.

I am allowed to walk and start the bike.  No core exercises or swimming until 6 weeks.  I will start PT up tomorrow….gentle PT.  I’m just excited be doing something!

We’ll see how I do with activity progression!


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